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Optimized Interiors: The Psychology of Office Design

Posted by Evolve Design Team on Feb 14, 2017 9:49:16 AM

We want ourselves and our employees to achieve optimal performance time and time again, so it is only fair that we expect the same from our office spaces.

colour play a big role via pixabay

Color plays a big role in psychology. Image via Pixabay.com

Here is how you can optimize your office interior in the UAE, making the most of the psychological factors involved
Get the Color Right

Color is always going to be an important part of any office fit out in the UAE, but selecting the right color goes deeper than simply picking out your favorite shade. To understand this, we first need to understand the psychology of color choices.

We react to the colors around us on a sub-conscious level. The colors we encounter trigger different moods and sensations within us; something which you can tap directly into in your office. For example, white emphasizes clarity and focus, greens promote harmony and growth, while purple is linked to creativity.


Image Source: Evolve Projects

More negative shades include black – which tends to be morbid and dispiriting – and yellow, which can destroy concentration if it is too strong. 

Think About Space

Whether you believe in the Ancient Chinese philosophical concept of feng shui or not, it is impossible to deny that different spatial layouts have differing effects on psychology.

An office needs to be designed to facilitate easy movement and the simple completion of business-critical tasks. If important traffic routes between the desks areas of collaborating teams are blocked, for example, the feeling of cohesion is diminished.

Image Source: Evolve Projects

You may also want to implement open plan meeting areas for meetings involving non-sensitive information, creating a feeling of togetherness and community across your UAE office.

Decluttering Works Wonders

Which sort of environment would you prefer to work in; a neat and tidy one where everything is in its right place, or one in which things are strewn everywhere in a haphazard manner? Unless you are an eccentric professor from a 1950s B-movie, you are probably going to choose the former.


Image Source: Evolve Projects

You might think that decluttering falls within the remit of positive office practices and habits, rather than interior design, but this is not completely the case. Desk storage, intuitive filing and cabinetry systems, and other smart solutions can make it far easier to achieve the clutter-free workspace you desire. This in turn leads to reduced stress, improved productivity and a better working environment all round.

Of course, it helps if you and your staff can try to keep the space tidy after the fit out. 

Contact the Evolve team for more information on optimizing your office fit out in the UAE.

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Today's Blog Topic: Optimized Interiors: The Psychology of Office Design

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