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Top Office Design Concepts of 2017

Posted by Evolve Design Team on Apr 11, 2017 10:14:40 AM

Looking for the best new ideas for your office design project? You came to the right place!

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Keeping Cool In-Doors

Posted by Evolve Design Team on Apr 4, 2017 11:00:46 AM

Keeping Cool In-Doors Without Reaching for that Air Conditioner Remote

There are two inconvenient truths about office life during an Arabian summer. One is that it is going to get hot; extremely hot! The other is that running the air conditioning system all day every day during the stifling summer months exacts a heavy cost, not just in terms of energy bills, but also in terms of the environment.

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The Evolution of Green Interiors

Posted by Evolve Design Team on Mar 28, 2017 10:41:37 AM

In 1993, Paul Hawken – political activist, retail business owner, author – introduced the world to a new idea. Sustainability in business had been around for a while, but Hawken’s work,The Ecology of Commerce, really pushed it into the mainstream.

Image Source: Evolve Projects

With the publication of Hawken’s book, green, environmentally-friendly, genuinely sustainableinterior design was born.

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How to Nurture Collaboration through Office Design

Posted by Evolve Design Team on Mar 21, 2017 10:54:56 AM


As business owners and managers, we want what is best for our employees and for our companies. One of the most effective ways to secure this is to nurture a culture of collaboration in the office. If handled correctly, this can boost productivity and profit as well as increase levels of job satisfaction among the workforce.

Image Source: Evolve Stock

The first step is to get the design of your office right. Here’s how…

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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Posted by Evolve Design Team on Mar 14, 2017 10:26:50 AM

We all want to stay fit and healthy, but it is not always easy, particularly when we work full time. Factor in other duties – housework, for example, or taking care of the kids – and it is easy to see why regular exercise gets squeezed out of a busy routine.

Image via Pixabay

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Business owners can help to make sure that there need be no compromise between working hard and staying fit. By getting the design of our offices right, we can secure health and fitness for all team members. Here’s how… 

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5 Ideas to Make Your Conference Room the Best it Can Be

Posted by Evolve Design Team on Mar 7, 2017 9:47:18 AM

Your office’s conference room is far more than just a place to converse and discuss issues. If it is designed correctly, it becomes an engine room for progress and strategy, a chamber in which deals are brokered and agreed upon, and a forum for innovation.

Image Source: Evolve Projects

We feel strongly about this at Evolve, so we have compiled five ideas to help you get the very best out of your conference room.

1. Support Effective Presentations with Hardware and Software Combined

The conference room needs to be an arena in which a presentation can achieve the ultimate impact. To accomplish this, it will need to marry hardware and software, enabling the speaker to bring as many resources as they need into the frame.

Image Source: Evolve Projects 

This means powerpoints and connections everywhere they are needed, high quality WiFi internet with coverage all over the room, and interactive whiteboards or other smart pieces of tech as and when required. 

2. Smooth, Smart Design Which Doesn’t Detract from Discussion

It’s tempting to go overboard when designing a conference room for your office fit out in the UAE, but try to exercise a bit of restraint. After all, your conference room has a job to do; it is there to facilitate the right results from meetings and discussions. If you and your colleagues or partners are distracted by the décor or layout, this isn’t going to work.

Image Source: Evolve Projects

Remember: minimal is the key. Make sure to use a light touch when it comes to design, and to make sure that final plans support the functions and tasks that the conference room must accomplish.

3. The Right Chair for the Right Job

Don’t overlook the seating in your conference room. Chances are people are going to be spending a long time seated in that room, and so comfort and lumbar support are vital. Invest in high-quality chairs in your conference room and reap the rewards.

Image Source: Evolve Projects

4.Inclusion is Everything

Inclusion is paramount in a conference room. To properly discuss matters, and to ensure that anyone giving a presentation is able to reach all members of his or her audience with ease, the room needs to be set up accordingly.

This means, a large, open floor; circular or oval table to bring all attendees into the discussion without hierarchy; and, of course, enough room to accommodate meetings of various sizes.

Image Source: Evolve Projects

5.Don’t Forget Acoustics 

Attendees need to be able to hear what is being said, so make sure to incorporate this into the design of your conference room. Consider fibreglass panelling to provide ideal acoustics, and a PA system if required to give presentations and speeches that extra little auditory boost.

Need assistance in designing the perfect conference room for your UAE office? Get in touch with the team here at Evolve .

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Getting the Balance Right: Privacy vs Open Plan Offices

Posted by Evolve Design Team on Feb 28, 2017 10:24:37 AM

Picture your ideal office design. What does it look like? For some of us, the perfect working environment might involve a wide, open space with no divisions and boundaries, facilitating constant collaboration and support.

Image via The Conversation

However, for those of us who struggle to focus with this level of distraction, a more private office design represents the gold standard. 

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Green and Mean: How to Achieve Green Office Interiors

Posted by Evolve Design Team on Feb 21, 2017 11:41:50 AM

Everyone wants to introduce green practices into their life and work, just like everyone wants to do their bit to protect the environment. However, the nature of business makes this difficult; at the end of the day, the bottom line wins.

Image via Pixabay.com

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Optimized Interiors: The Psychology of Office Design

Posted by Evolve Design Team on Feb 14, 2017 9:49:16 AM

We want ourselves and our employees to achieve optimal performance time and time again, so it is only fair that we expect the same from our office spaces.

Color plays a big role in psychology. Image via Pixabay.com

Here is how you can optimize your office interior in the UAE, making the most of the psychological factors involved

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4 Green Interior Design Trends for 2017

Posted by Evolve Design Team on Feb 7, 2017 5:15:47 PM

Keeping ahead of the curve is not just about style, it is about substance and about taking real steps towards a better, cleaner world.

Take a look at our top 4 green interior design trends for 2017 and get creative in designing a greener interior for your UAE office.

Image via Pixabay.com

Renewable materials, like bamboo, are an important part of being green.

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Topics: 4 Green Interior Design Trends for 2017

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