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Posted by Evolve Design Team on May 2, 2017 10:30:42 AM

It doesn’t usually pay to get all misty-eyed about the ‘good old days.’ Looking backwards with rose-tinted eyeglasses on gets us nowhere. However, it is sometimes tempting to pine for a simpler time.


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Sure, there were problems then, but we knew where we stood with those problems.

Now what have we got? We’ve got rapid advancements in digital and physical technology, both of which are being integrated into new office designs faster than you could connect to dial up internet back in 2001.

These solutions came along and solved all the old office problems. They also brought with them lots of new, fresh challenges to get us all worried.

The Old Problem: The Dreaded “Out-of-Office” Response

Once upon a time, we could only get any work done if we were actually physically in our offices during working hours. Planning to work remotely? Don’t even bother.

The Modern Solution: Mobile Devices

Mobile devices and reliable internet roaming has turned this on its head. Now, remote working is not only possible; it is made simple by integrating the necessary technology into your UAE office fit-out project.


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The New Challenge: Security Breaches

The trouble is, many of these mobile devices, particularly the personal ones, are unsecured. This can cause all manner of troubles for businesses aiming to balance security with convenience and capability.

The Old Problem: Flailing in the Dark.

Looking back from the age of business understanding, it is hard to believe that it wasn’t always this way. But it really wasn’t. It simply was not possible to effectively store and wield that much data without investing a small fortune in servers.

The Modern Solution: Integrated Data Management Solutions and Cloud Frameworks in Offices

No room for a server room onsite? Integrated data solutions have you covered nowadays, helping you use all the data you need.


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The New Challenge: Complacency and Too Much Data

Businesses now find themselves with so much data to play with that they don’t know what to do with it. This makes it difficult to truly join the age information and understanding. Of course, this is not a major problem but it does represent a challenge that the modern office must face.

The Old Problem: Expensive Downtime

In the old days, a blown fuse could mean an afternoon off of work or even more. The result of this was, of course, serious losses for a business.

The Modern Solution: Energy Smart Technology and Monitoring Capabilities

These days, smart offices can easily keep track of their energy usage, helping you to spot where and when a problem might occur. Digital asset management systems also make scheduling repairs much easier.

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The New Challenge: Too Much Uptime

With no downtime to worry about, be sure to give your team regular breaks!

Want to learn more about how you can leverage the latest technological advances in your UAE office fit-out? Get in touch with the Evolve team today.

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Today's Blog Topic: How Technology Solved the Old Problems, and Brought with It New Challenges

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