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Sustainability in the UAE: Fit-out Guide

Posted by Evolve Design Team on Dec 14, 2015 11:31:17 AM

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Reaching your sustainability goals with your interior fit-out in Dubai is critical to the success of your project. As of September 2010, The Pearl Rating System for Estidama (which means sustainability in Arabic) was introduced as a mandatory requirement for all buildings in Abu Dhabi.

Meaning, new ventures need to achieve a minimum rating of 1 Pearl to be sustainable and comply with the Estidama regulations.

Working with a reliable interior fit-out company in Dubai is essential to creating a space that’s sustainable and has a minimum rating of 1 Pearl. Below we’re discussing how every company can achieve their sustainability goals effectively.

1. Ensuring the Durability and Longevity of the Project 

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One of the primary factors that decides the Pearl Rating for Estidama of a fit-out project is the durability and lifecycle of the development.

Designing a space that can meet the demands of a modern office environment while offering extended durability that goes beyond a couple of years means the space is sustainable since there is no need for future development.

2. Reducing the Use of Energy

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It’s important for companies to carefully assess the use of energy since this also impacts the sustainability of their office space.

Implementing energy-efficient solutions that reduce the use of energy without any effects on the day-to-day performance of the company means saving an important resource that will make the space even more environmentally-friendly.

3. Carefully Monitoring Water and Leaks 

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Water is a precious resource — and unfortunately, an exhaustible one. As such, all Dubai businesses should deploy interior and exterior water monitoring, as well as a sophisticated leak detection system.

Together, they yield a total of 4 credits in this category — of course, reducing interior water consumption beyond the baseline level will bring additional credits and a higher Pearl Rating for Estidama.

4. Implementing an Effective Outdoor Thermal Comfort Strategy 

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Dubai’s harsh high temperatures can greatly impact outdoor thermal comfort, so having an efficient strategy in place is a definite plus for companies looking to reach their sustainability goals.

Creating outdoor thermal comfort means using either man-made or natural shading for a specified percentage of all car parking, public spaces, walkways and playgrounds. The percentage depends on the area where your business is located.

Ready to make your office space sustainable and environmentally-friendly? By partnering with Evolve Interiors, you can quickly and effectively materialise a sustainable space for your company that’s compliant with the Estidama code. Contact us today and let’s get started!

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